Stephanie Miller rocks. Since I started training with Stephanie in September 2011 - I have had more positive energy, been more motivated and gotten into better shape than any other time in my life. Not only is she a talented personal trainer (mind-muscle connection!), she is extremely thoughtful, as well - providing words of encouragement, emailing articles, and organizing fitness outings in her spare time. These are the small things that really keep me going. In addition - she's extremely outgoing and active in the NOVA/DC community - promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She really changed my life :)

-Mairead S.

I trained with Stephanie for over 2 years and she took me from a skinny fat figure with no muscle tone at all to a figure competition in Ft. Lauderdale in just 2 years! Stephanie is such a knowledgeable trainer and not only shows you "how" to train but teaches you "why" you are doing it. Stephanie is a positive person in and out of the gym and will challenge you beyond what you think you can achieve. She takes her clients very seriously, almost as a personal challenge of her own to make you the best you can be. She taught me that 80% of my results come from what I am eating, and she taught me exactly how, what, and when to eat to maximize my progress in the gym. She is an expert when it comes to competition dieting, as well as all competition prep. So even if you would never be interested in competing she can still help you achieve that look. When you want to be the best you have to be trained by the best! And Stephanie is the best of the best! You will definitely get your money's worth and more.

-Lisa H.

Stephanie is FIRST CLASS! First of all I've NEVER written a review for any person or organization before however I would be doing her & her husband Doug Miller and their business a dis-service by not letting EVERYONE know how great she is. Stephanie & her husband Doug Miller are simply the most honest & sincerely, caring people you could ever ever do business with. I first met Stephanie about 3 yrs ago when I wanted help with posing for my very first Novice figure competition. She was gentle, caring, and just professional and oh so sweet during our meeting. Stephanie made me feel I can do anything with hard work. Her insight & knowledge on training & nutrition is phenomenal; the very same is to be said of her husband the one & only Doug Miller - knowledgeable & their approach to me as a client made me feel that they genuinely cared about my goals. They develop a program for each individual client and is attentive to your individual needs and not to mention they are hands on. I highly recommend Stephanie to the everyone without hesitation.

-Wendy H.

I have known and worked with Stephanie for over four years and was very disappointed when she left our gym to pursue greater challenges. Stephanie is the most dedicated professional trainer I have ever observed. When you are training with her she is right down there with you, no distractions. As is evident from her international success in her figure competitions, she practices and is dedicated to what she preaches. To say the least she is a beautiful physical specimen not to mention a glowing personality to go with it. I am now what is considered a senior citizen and the fact that I can continue with my workout ethic and my very active life style are testimony to what Stephanie was able to teach me and the determination she instilled in me to stay more than "fit".

-Robert D.

I have worked with Stephanie Miller for about three years. I am 66 years old, and my goals have been to increase my strength, both muscular strength and bone density, and to keep at bay the natural declines in suppleness and balance often associated with advancing age. While Stephanie, herself, has been successful in various competitions, she has always understood that my goals are rather different, and has worked diligently to help me achieve them. Her approach is very personalized. She is always on the lookout for information on ways that I could improve my exercise regime at home and my diet. While she pushes me about as far as I can go, she also listens to my complaints and is adept at devising variations to help get around some of my aches and pains. Our association has always been a collaborative endeavor based on mutual trust and respect, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone.

-Mike M.

I have been working with Stephanie and Doug since the beginning of March this year and they definitely saved me from myself by breaking me from my previous routine and putting me on the right path to get to where I want to be. Although it is a bit more expensive than your generic gym trainer, it is well worth it and I would recommend them before any gym. They are both right at your side the whole way and there when you need them for questions and help. Check them out at their store in Arlington~!

-Lydia M.

Stephanie is amazing, she is always positive and encouraging for you to reach your goals! She came highly recommended by other friends and she far exceeded my expectations. If you are trying for a body building competition or to get in better shape she will help you reach your fitness goals and work with you on your diet! I went to another trainer that would text during each workout and Steph is always devoted to you during your session and I cant stress how encouraging she is! Everyone noticed how fitter and trimmer I looked and just in much better shape and toned! She easily adapts to your schedule and whatever time works well for you and never makes you feel badly and you come away feeling so much better about yourself and that you can reach your fitness goals and do anything! I highly recommend Stephanie and on the plus side she is so easy to talk to and she also becomes your close friend during the session and you keep wanting to see her and NEVER avoid a work out session. I have been where you all are when you dread going to meet someone or go to a class but I can completely ASSURE you that you will want to keep seeing Steph and feel pumped once you finish and feel she can get you in shape to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or look amazing in a bikini for the summer!

-Catherine E.

Sweet Stephanie! The best personal trainer, hands down. She brings out my best potential, and teaches me that I can go beyond. Her energy is so positive. She loves what she does, and it is reflected in her work. You want a better quality of life? See Stephanie.

-Elisa F.

I started training with Stephanie last summer, and unlike other personal trainers I have worked with in the past, I saw great results! She helped me to reduce body fat and improve muscle tone as well as adjust my eating habits. She is a professional, personable trainer and very knowledgeable about maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is visible in her own habits. Although the workouts she puts me through challenges me, I never want to give up because she is such a motivating force and gives me the drive to keep pushing even when she isn't there to cheer me on. I am grateful for her help in reaching my personal goals and the dedication that she has to each and every client she works with. If you are considering personal training, she is the best trainer that I have worked with and will definitely push you to achieve your goals.

-Callie L.

After lifting weights for 15 years and getting nowhere with my physique, I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show. I knew how to lift weights but developing a program and diet to transform my body was beyond me.

I contacted Team Miller and expressed my goals but also explained that I worked full time, had two small children and lived in Germany. I was worried this might be a problem but (thankfully!) Doug and Stephanie were happy to bring me on as a new client. I had a tailored workout program, diet and supplement guidance within a couple of days and thus my 12-week contest prep countdown began.

I loved Team Miller's "CRUSH IT" philosophy and the pain I suffered through during my workouts was well worth it! I was really worried about the competition diet but Team Miller gave me alternatives to choose from and amazingly I was never hungry! Within weeks I began noticing my body transforming. Whenever I had questions or needed help, Doug and Stephanie quickly responded - even with the six hour time difference.

Team Miller was able to accommodate my workout and diet in accordance with my work and family schedules and still have me contest ready in time for my competition. At the age of 39, I finally competed in my first bodybuilding show - the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart's 3rd Annual Bodybuilding and Figure Competition. Thanks to Doug and Stephanie's guidance, motivation and support, I took home TWO 1st place trophies: weight category and overall. I could not have achieved this goal and dream without Team Miller! I can't imagine having any other trainers for my next show!

Naomi Ludan testimonial

-Naomi L.

On the day of my first OCB figure competition, I was standing in the prep room - looking around at the other competitors, and thinking about what I had accomplished over the past 16 weeks. I was overjoyed, excited, and knew that I was ready. I had never felt more prepared for anything in my life. I was ready to step out on stage and show the judges what I had given up ample hours for food preparation (over 784 portioned/planned meals), training (over 128 workouts), and posing quarter turns. As my coaches, Doug and Stephanie Miller provided a step-by-step guide complete with meal plans and training programs. They were available anytime I had questions by both phone and email. I was able to practice my posing routines with them, and get answers regarding the competition process, tanning, and even suit selection. The competition season was a complete success - and I just followed the plan that they provided. I placed 3rd in the OCB Central Eastern Seaboard States, in both the Figure Novice and Figure Open. Only a week later, I placed 1st in the OCB Bay State Natural Figure Novice, and in the Figure Open - and went on to win Overall Figure. I look forward to competing in 2011 - with the goal of earning my pro-card, and having Doug and Stephanie Miller as my coaches once again!

Kendra Fink testimonial

-Kendra F.

Team Miller is absolutely the best in all of the services that they provide. I contacted Stephanie Miller because I was considering entering a figure competition and saw that she offered a Competition Prep/Figure Coach service. After looking at her photos, I was inspired and felt that she would be the perfect person to help me. Just minutes into my initial consultation with her, I was sold. I told her, sign me up for the 12-week workout and nutritional program! Within a few days, Team Miller delivered a diet and exercise program that completely transformed my physique.

My exercise routine at the time, had become boring and stale. I felt frustrated and stuck because I wasn't seeing any gains at the gym. After my first workout on the program, I knew I would begin to see changes. There was one workout in particular where I remember saying out loud at the gym "Oh my goodness...this is like boot camp!" The variety of exercises, sets and reps in the program are what kept my body "guessing" each time I went to the gym. The program never allowed my body to get used to a routine, so it kept me from hitting a plateau.

In conjunction with the exercise and nutritional program, I also used Core Nutritionals supplements. The supplements worked wonderfully and I never ONCE experienced a negative side effect. They were all safe to use and provided much assistance in my transformation. Every week, I was seeing more muscle and definition. People would come up to me and ask me what I was doing differently because the changes were that obvious!

Throughout the 12 weeks, Stephanie and Doug kept in contact with me almost daily either through e-mail or phone. They promptly answered my MANY questions and often went out of their way to keep me motivated and on track. Stephanie provided a lot support on the days that I felt discouraged. She is such a gentle and kind person that truly takes the time to understand where her client is coming from.

I owe my competition success to Team Miller because without their help, I wouldn't have been able to reach this goal and place 1st in my class and division at the show. Pictures don't lie and I have the proof! If you're looking for professional and motivating trainers, Team Miller is for you! You won't be me!

-Sara M.

I decided to get back into competitive natural bodybuilding after 10 years away from the stage. I soon realized that regardless of what I knew worked for me in the past and how focused I was to succeed, I could never come into a competition on point. “Ten more pounds” was the feedback I received from numerous judges after each show. “Ten more pounds” was never enough and I was beginning to think that maybe I just don’t have the physique for competition. Finally, at the ’08 Cape Cod Classic I approached Doug Miller, who I felt provided competitors with very honest and constructive feedback. I asked him I should just hang it up. Doug said absolutely not.

I started with Team Miller in November with the goal of getting on stage for the ’09 Spirit of America in April. Doug and Stephanie Miller created a diet, supplement, and work out program tailored specifically for me based on my body’s response during a reconditioning phase. They also took into consideration my work schedule. My progress was constantly monitored through daily e-mailed weight checks, weekly pictures, and feedback as to how I was feeling. Adjustments to my diet, supplements, and workout program were made as needed.

Regardless of the day or time, if I had a question or concern, Doug contacted me immediately. One day, a month before the competition, I was suddenly stricken with terrible flu symptoms. I e-mailed Doug and he called me immediately. Our new goal became getting me well again, we would think about the competition after that. His remedies began to work the very next day. Within the week, I was back on the program.

Peak week was awesome. I never expected my body to react the way it did. The transformation from one day to the next was amazing. Doug met me at the Cape the day before the show to go over posing one on one. Until now, he had been giving me tips through pictures and e-mail. It was great having this time to fine tune some of my poses. For the first time, I felt ready… I felt like I belonged on that stage.

After not placing at all during the previous seasons, I took 2nd place in the novice class and 4th in the open-men’s class at the ’09 SOA. The biggest honor was being recognized as the most improved bodybuilder.

Team Miller has a no-nonsense, individualized “Crush It” approach to the sport of competitive bodybuilding. Doug and Steph are dedicated, very honest, and knowledgeable. I trust that they have the ability to guide me towards reaching my fullest potential as a competitive bodybuilder. I have continued to work with Doug and Steph “because there is no off season!” I look forward to doing so throughout the 2010 season when I plan on hitting the stage once again.

Phil Kamer testimonial

-Phil K.

Team Miller can’t be beat!

I’ve been working with Doug and Stephanie Miller for almost a year now. I originally did a handful of personal training sessions with Stephanie in winter of 2007 because I was looking for some motivation to kick my training up a notch. And boy did I get my money’s worth! I got great results not just from the training sessions but also from the diet and training knowledge that she passed on to me. She made suggestions on ways to improve my eating habits and answered any questions I could come up with on how to improve my overall fitness. I put all her guidance into action and continued making rapid progress on my own after our training sessions were over.

A month or two later, Team Miller opened an online forum and Stephanie invited me to join it. I joined and continued to get great support, information and feedback from her, Doug and the other forum members at no charge! The results I was getting from my training and diet were so encouraging that by spring of 2008, after I attended a figure competitor’s seminar hosted by Team Miller, I decided to finally pursue a dream of mine by entering a figure competition. Doug and Stephanie did my contest prep for me and in 13 weeks I had won 2nd place in my first show! 1st place went to another Team Miller Figure competitor, so it’s obvious who the best trainers were at that show!

Many thanks to Team Miller for giving me the tools and support to pursue my dream and change my life!

Melissa Hennigan - Team Miller

-Melissa H.

My objective over the last 10 years was to be as big and strong as possible. I was always knowledgeable about “weight lifting”, but nutrition wasn’t my strong-point. I ate anything and everything to fuel me for my workouts. I thought eating until I felt full, or couldn’t move in some cases, was ideal. The more calories I consume, results in the heavier weight I can move and the more size I put on, right? Who cares if I can’t see my abs, but if I could bench press a truck, none of that matters! Well, on the other hand, I always knew I was getting too large for my frame. I’m 5’ 7” (which is generous) and weighed 205 lbs the beginning of this year. It was time to see what was under all my fat!

While training at Ballston Gold’s Gym, I had the privilege of meeting Doug and Stephanie Miller. At the gym, I was drawn to their intensity and focus. Moreover, I was impressed by their strength and physique. After getting to know them, I learned that they train athletes for bodybuilding shows and are fellow competitors. From their personal and client’s accomplishments, I knew I could trust them for guidance.

On February 1, 2009, I reached out to Team Miller and was ready to start dieting for my first show. Prior to starting, they met me for a consultation and came up with a detailed game plan. They were patient and answered all my questions about bodybuilding. Team Miller informed me on which supplements I will be taking, my schedule for meals, as well as my work-out routine. One month later, we started and I quickly experienced fat loss, as well as improvements in gaining lean muscle mass. Today, I report my daily progress and adjustments are made accordingly. We have a goal and Team Miller understands what we have to do to accomplish it!

Dan Cruz transformation

-Daniel C.

I have been training with Stephanie Miller for over a year. In that time period I have lost over 20 pounds, and have improved my strength and stamina. Stephanie did an excellent job at identifying and articulating my goals in the beginning and she has consistently rechecked and adjusted my workouts based upon my physical changes and new goals. All the while she has been a coach and an advisor, listening to my needs and desires, and making adjustments to keep workouts interesting and challenging. At no time have I ever felt bored or untested in my workouts.

Stephanie is a conscientious hard worker. She is punctual and considerate, and always willing to make the extra effort to accommodate her clients. I recommend Stephanie to anyone who is serious about their training. If you are willing to make the commitment, she is committed to helping you make it.

-John B. T. PhD.

There are so many great things to be said about Stephanie. Stephanie helped me out with the preparations for my first figure competition. On a personal and professional level, she was so motivating and supportive from beginning to end. She kept me informed, and continually checked in with me to make sure I felt comfortable with what was going on. You can tell Stephanie truly has the knowledge and passion for what she does, and she really cares about all her clients. Not only was Stephanie excited about my progress, but she genuinely seemed interested in how I was doing outside of the sport. Her bubbly, “go-getter” personality is contagious, and it is a pleasure to be around her. She has become such an inspiration in my life, and she is truly someone to be admired by all.

-Erica G.

I started training with Steph in November of 2006. I had seen her training other people and was really impressed with her training style. As a woman that works out fairly hard, I am always very interested in other women that workout hard. Working out has been a way of my life since high school, but I have never been sold on the results that I have gained in comparison to how hard I workout

When I first met Steph, I not only realized how hard and dedicated she was to her workouts and her diet from the way she looked, but I had the feeling she was going to push me to new levels in my training. I was right. You look around and see other people working out, some with trainers and some without, but either way Steph seems to be working me out way harder than anyone else. She is so dedicated to YOU during that time that you have no choice but to just “kick it!” There is something to be said about that.

Through the years, Steph has helped educate me and completely change my body physique, which in return has helped me with my body image. Her knowledge and desire to help me workout and train my muscles not only helps me to accomplish my goals, but her positive outlook on life and her faith in God helps train my mind and soul. It rubs off.

Since meeting Steph, she has changed my attitude by teaching me how to treat my body and if you work hard and think positive ANYONE can gain the results they want. Steph has taught me about competing and what it takes by her actions and her appearance, and in return has gotten me very interested in competing someday! She always says, “If I can do it, anyone can, if you really want it!”

-Alison J.

I have been training with Stephanie for a couple months now. It has been a great experience and very worthwhile. I came into the experience with very little knowledge of weight lifting and since then I have learned so much. It has been the most useful information I have learned in a while. I have been able to make progress and take my workouts to the next level. During my training sessions Stephanie was there every step of the way. She is a great trainer and has become a friend. She is always willing to answer questions, and she will go above and beyond her trainer duties and provide extra information. Any time I have had a question I can always email or call Stephanie and count on her to help me.I will continue to train with Stephanie and I would recommend her to anyone. Whatever level you may be at she can help you. If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer Stephanie Brumfield is the one for you.

-Angela O.

My training with Stephanie has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my health and fitness. In every single workout, she pushes me hard -- much harder than I could ever push myself on my own. I have not had one single workout with her that has not left me sore and feeling the burn!! Since she and I started working out six months ago, I have lost over 11 pounds of fat, gone down 2 clothing sizes, and have made significant gains in my strength and muscle tone in my arms, legs, glutes, and abs. I not only feel much stronger, I look much better too. My suits for work nearly fall off of me these days and my boyfriend even gave me the ultimate compliment at the beach last week, "you look hot in your bikini." And Stephanie is a lot more than just a trainer, she is an inspiration. She is an accomplished body builder and fitness model (is this the right terminology?). Seeing her rock hard muscles and dedication is enough to inspire anyone to work harder, even if it is 7am on a Tuesday! And because fitness is her passion, she is also a wealth of knowledge about diet and nutrition and can also separate what is "fad versus fact" in fitness. She has also taken the time and interest to help me to develop a program outside of our workouts to meet my fitness goals so that I am always on track. To say it simply: Stephanie kicks butt!

-Beth K.

I worked out with Stephanie for 10 sessions. She has the unique background and perspective to design a plan based on my needs. Her body building background is a tremendous discriminator when compared with average trainers who learn from taking courses or reading materials. In addition, Stephanie's personality and positive attitude contributes to a harmonious working relationship. With her knowledge and physique, she can demonstrate the exercise and the correct muscle movements needed to maximize your workout. She is good at motivating you without applying to much pressure. I strongly recommend Stephanie as she has been the best personal trainer I ever had.

-Ramsey J.

I'm not sure you even remember me from last year. But I wanted to send this long overdue g-r-a-c-i-a-s. You and I went through 36 sessions; sounds like a lot but they were just enough to correct all the bad habits I learned from years hunched in front of a computer. Anyway, I just got back from a pro beach volleyball game out in Huntington Beach. It was a genuine thrill to hear my beach buddies notice a big difference in my posture, body shape. They even mentioned that my eyes look much more alert. Huh? This must be all those fresh veggies and turkey burgers! I had my Stanford grip bag at the tourney and some of the new players asked me if I was one of the coaches. Yeah, right. But I took the compliment and realized what real progress I had made in my life. I don ’t go to Tysons anymore. I work out 5 days a week at Merrifield and automatically think of it as basic part of my day. I hear your voice in my head like keep the elbows in" or "you should feel the stretch here" or "breathe out, count" etc. I am 48 years old and was so glad to learn that us middle aged baby boomers can still keep our bodies in decent shape. I breathe better, last longer (wink wink) and can wear cool tee shirts again. So thanks for helping me get my second wind!

-Edgar V.

Since I started exercising with Steph, I have told many others how great she is. Now I want to put it in writing. Let me tell you why is Stephanie so wonderful:

Steph constantly challenges you to be your best--I think this is the best thing about exercising with Steph. Whether it is in your workout or in your personal diet, Steph makes you believe in yourself, and pushes you far outside your comfort zone. You are capable of much more than you think, and Steph proves it to you.

She is encouraging and cheerful--Steph is always quick with an enthusiastic smile and a reassuring word. “C ’mon!...One more!...You can do it!" Steph's spirit and high energy are contagious. That makes a big difference when you feel you're out of steam!

She is thorough and professional--Steph keeps careful records of your progress, and makes sure you are not neglecting anything. Before Steph, my workouts were monotonous and produced very little results. Steph definitely knows how to get you out of your rut.

She knows her stuff--Steph is totally confident and leaves you with no doubts. She is truly a fitness and nutrition expert, from what you should be eating to how to best work each muscle. There may be something Steph does not know, but I haven't found it yet!

I hope you will discover for yourself--Steph is the best!

-James H.

Overall, I started training at Gold's Gym sometime last October 2005, and have continued until today. Stephanie took over my training sessions sometime at the end of December, when a former gold's gym trainer resigned from the company. I already knew Stephanie from the Ladies Locker Room, as she also trained and worked out in the mornings. My initial goal was to get firm and lose inches: achieved & ongoing. I modified this at the end of March 2006 to include: weight loss at initial weight of 147.7 lb to a target 135 lb, with an interim target of 143/144 lb sometime at beginning of June. We dually agreed that one pound a week was realistic. Interim target was achieved first week of June - on time.

I train with Stephanie twice a week, in the AM, for an hour. One day is upper body. The other day is lower body. For weeks that I cannot make both days, Stephanie combines the two. For me, in general, training at gold's first became about "surviving the session" and "getting some fat off" then when I finally established enough base strength to resist more weight, it became about "what can I do next" and "how can I really start toning to get shape?" Stephanie helps with all of this and designs programs which are challenging, but always steps it up a notch from the last time, and she knows this, because she is very organized and keeps track of everything I do. Specifically, Stephanie is always on time and introduces tremendous variety into the weekly program. Since I've been with Stephanie, I think I have done every machine in Gold's at least 4-5 different ways. I never knew there was such variety for a calf exercise - straight-toed, inside toe-pointed, outside toe-pointed, with a barbell, on a machine, on the stairs, etc. And it goes on. So, the training - even though the target body part is "the calf" - has tremendous variety, and thus, does not get boring. The same is true of every other target area: hamstring, quads, back, lower back, middle back, arms, abs, inner, outer thigh - all of it.

What I also have changed gradually, once I modified my goals, is my diet. Overall, I do eat healthy, but you can always step-it up a notch. Stephanie provided me with reading material & encouraged me to keep track of what I eat, and divide meals up - little ones throughout the day. She offered to evaluate what I listed, and gave me feedback. She gives very practical suggestions about how to do it. For instance: "buy a big salad for lunch and only eat half. Save the rest for later ". Well, why didn't I think of that? There is no law saying I have to eat ALL the salad at once. She gives advice and points you to websites that talk about how many calories, sugar, protein, etc certain foods may have - in order to make a wise decision on snacks and overall diet. She also talks about cardio exercise, its frequency and when to do certain cardio exercise. So, eventually, the training - isn't just about "strength," it becomes much more. Again, it is all in-line with the goals, which currently is getting to 135 lb. Introduction to alternative sources of protein and foods such as whey protein, shakes, etc is also introduced and feedback is encouraged.

What I also want to emphasize is Stephanie's attitude/behavior, which is critical. She is the utmost professional and is always positive, happy, motivated and "ready to go" - not in an "uppity" way but in a very "nice, professional, and serious" way. As a client, you can tell that Stephanie really enjoys what she does. I chalk up her niceness to the "Southern thing". There are definitely mornings when I don't feel like doing anything, and Stephanie's attitude/behavior always gets me through the session. She is "nice in the Southern way," so when I don't feel like doing the last 5 reps, when my calves are "screaming for peace" - she is always there being nice & professional. How can you NOT complete the last set? Stephanie is also very encouraging, consistently spots you for overall safety on every single move, and is completely concentrated on the training session when it is occurring. There are no interruptions.

Overall, I would consider Stephanie an excellent trainer and very customer/client-focused and would recommend her to anyone.

-Grace A.

When I first started training with Steph I had very little knowledge about the right way to exercise and eat. Now almost a year later I have gained so much from the most inspiring and knowledgeable woman in the business. Steph not only answers every question that I have but she goes out of her way to research and email me with aspects of my training and diet. Steph has motivated me to put forth the necessary efforts I so often ignored in training certain areas. Every encounter with her has been invaluable. She is always available for support and to answer any question I may have. I have never had a trainer as involved and dedicated as Steph. She is always upbeat and ready to push me when I need it most. Her passion for her clients and work is apparent. Her passion for training and health is apparent and contagious. Training with Steph has undoubtedly changed my life.

-Kristin L.

If you are thinking about working with a personal trainer, please take a minute and read about my experience with Stephanie Brumfield.

I have been a fairly active person all of my life and am generally one of the fittest people at the office and in my social circles. I have also been a freak about my diet over the past few years. My dedication to diet and exercise is constantly joked about around the office water cooler. In the Fall of 2005 I had cancer surgery, and by early 2006 I was back in the gym and trying to get in shape to resume my athletic lifestyle. I was definitely at a plateau - I was not in bad shape, but was just not where I wanted to be. I had considered working with a personal trainer, but often felt that the personal trainers I saw would not really have much to offer me. That changed when I started seeing Stephanie in the gym. I noticed her personal and professional work ethic and the variety of exercises both she and her clients were doing and decided to talk with her.

Over the course of three months she radically altered the way I trained in the gym and modified my diet to match my fitness goals. I realized that I had just been going through the motions in the gym, but Stephanie taught me to make the most out of each exercise. It sounds crazy, but though I had been lifting for over 15 years, the changes she made really made a difference in the way I approach each workout and my diet (I thought my diet was perfect, but was I wrong...).

Stephanie's upbeat personality is a joy to be around. She is always smiling and never seems tired, even when it is clear she has been training clients or herself all day. She pushes her clients, but I think that her clients want to do well for her because of the energy she puts into her work and the personal interest she takes in each of us and our individual pursuits. I had a number of personal goals and she not only tailored my workouts and diet around them, but kept in constant e-mail touch with me, forwarded great training articles to me, and recommended some good books backing up her advice.

With Stephanie, you not only get to train with an elite athlete, but she can teach you to win like one as well. I had a few major goals that I met this Summer. I won a national open water kayak race, I ran the NY ½ marathon in under two hours, and one year to the date of finding my cancer I submitted the highest mountain in Europe. I can safely say that I would not have been able to accomplish all of this without Stephanie's help.

Thanks Steph!

-Michael Magee T.

With middle-age lurking and metabolism slowing down it is great to have a personal trainer of Stephanie's ilk. Besides being a bundle of energy she has a refreshing grasp of her profession. Compared to other personal trainers I've had, she takes a strategic approach to the body. Each training session she focuses on specific muscle groups increasing the weights as the session progresses. At the end of the session you feel that your body has been pushed hard. Now, after a couple of months her work is starting to show results. Stephanie also has a keen sense of nutrition which is quite beneficial. I travel a great deal, so she makes a special effort to prepare work-out sessions I can do while over-seas.

-Peter M.

I am writing this letter as a token of my appreciation for Stephanie Brumfield who has trained me for almost 4 months. I am amazed at how knowledgeable she is about her profession. I have never felt so physically and mentally in shape as I do now. She has pushed me and made me do things in my training sessions that I never thought in a million years I could achieve. I feel stronger and I know I look so much better. All my friends and family cannot believe the transformation in such a short time. I have had many personal trainers over the years, but never did I see and achieve the results that I have seen with Stephanie. Now I know what the term "train" actually is, you see results when done correctly. She has changed my life in such a big way and I just can not thank her enough. I feel younger, stronger and overall healthier than I ever have in my life. Stephanie, thank you so much and please don't ever change.

-Yusef K.

I came to Golds Gym feeling angry with myself for having gotten so terribly out of shape. I had put on 50 pounds in about a year, was uncomfortable, had developed high blood pressure and was a borderline diabetic. The extra weight put an enormous strain on my already arthritic knees and I had no personal motivation to do anything about it. I had decided that if I couldn't do it on my own, I needed someone who could get me motivated.

That's when I met Stephanie Brumfield. She was a true motivator, cheerleader and supporter of my cause. When I would have stopped, discouraged, on my own, Stephanie was right there pushing me through that one extra sit up, one more curl, one more crunch, and all the while encouraging me to keep on going and not be so hard on myself. She gave me nutritional information, motivational articles, personally kept in touch with me on our "off" days, all to keep me on track to my goal.

My arthritis got the better of me, and I had to discontinue my training with Stephanie, but even yet, she still keeps in touch with me, encouraging me to keep dieting and checking to see how I'm feeling...she is truely a very special and caring individual and she'll keep you on track, no matter what challenges you face.

-Heather L. S.



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