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One on One Personal Training

People hire a trainer for many different reasons. It's an easy way to make it to the gym. It makes it harder to skip workouts by having an appointment and a trainer waiting for you. Sometimes you may need the extra motivation to get out of a rut, or you may need a new workout program. You may want to get into shape before a wedding, vacation, or special occasion, or want to get back your pre-baby figure back. Maybe you're not getting the results you are looking for in the gym due to wrong techniques and form, over training, wrong nutrition and diet, or lack of sleep. As a personal trainer, I will find out what's wrong, or not working correctly, by reviewing your routine inside and outside of the gym. I am not a regular trainer; I am able to provide nutritional planning and information that many other “trainers” do not understand. If you are willing to put in the work, I will see to it that you get results.  I am also available to my clients 24/7 through email and am extremely responsive to my clients' questions.

In addition to the personal training I offer at Fitness First in Arlington, VA (Courthouse) and Tyson's Corner, VA, I am also available for personal training at your home, office, or gym (if eligible). If you are serious about hiring a personal trainer in the DC or Northern Virginia areas, please contact me for more information and rates.

TEAM MILLER Competition Preparation and Figure/Bodybuilding Coach

Are you planning to compete in a figure or bodybuilding competition? Being natural pro figure and bodybuilding champions, my husband ( and I work as a team and assist in every aspect of competition prep (peak weak strategies, coloring/make-up suggestions, posing/stage presence, pre-contest motivation, post-contest guidance, and more).

We offer diet, supplementation, and training prep for competitors for a minimum of 12 weeks, but many competitors need 16 weeks or longer to properly prep for competition.  Before beginning, we will assess your current physique and help you decide how long it will take for you to be properly conditioned.

If you want to take the guesswork out of competing and want to maximize your results on stage, this program is for you. Unlike some competition prep coaches, Team Miller doesn’t just give you macro nutrient targets but instead gives you exactly what you should eat, with options. For the training programs, we don't just give you the split, but also give you sets and reps. We are completely hands on and because of the attention we provide each client, we limit the number of clients we work with at each time. Space fills up quickly so please contact us at least four weeks before you think you would like to begin your prep.

Please contact me for more information and rates.

12-week (or more) workout and nutrition
programs for non-competitors

For people who are not competitors or do not prefer a personal trainer, I also provide personalized training and nutrition programs. You do not have to be in the Washington, DC or Northern Virginia areas to take advantage of this consultation service. I am able to work with people all over the world using email and telephone calls.

This service allows you to train alone while trying a new routine and nutrition program. After an initial questionnaire, I create a customize nutrition plan specific for your goals. I will tell you exactly what to eat, with choices, and also recommend vitamins/supplements when necessary. The nutrition plan is a great way to establish new and/or proper eating habits. You will gain a better understanding about fueling your body, nutrient timing, and portion control, and will learn what type of diet works best for your body type. The training and cardio program will also be customized to your goals and will change throughout the program period as needed. Most importantly, I will be with you the entire time on your journey and am extremely responsive to any questions you may have.

Please contact me for more information and rates.


*Available for speaking and hosting figure/bodybuilding workshops.




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